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can you draw Sei fucking Aoba while Aoba calls him “nii-san” please? and maybe Sei says something about how Aoba is his “precious baby brother”? *sweats nervously*

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you know what this blog needs? SeiAo. All i want is Aoba getting topped by his sweet older brother. That’s all i want. Happy birthday, Aoba and Sei.

haha i forgot it was their birthday
Kill of the Night
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just shut up and let me suck ur dick already 


demons a draco malfoy playlist - {listen}

1. demons - imagine dragons 2. blame - bastille 3. afraid - the neighbourhood 4. falling- the civil wars 5. how to save a life - the fray 6. smother - daughter 7. devil may cry - the weeknd 8. flaws - bastille 9. re:stacks - bon iver 10. disarm - the civil wars 11. bleeding out - imagine dragons 12. behind blue eyes - limp bizkit 13. secrets - onerepublic 14. seven devils - florence + the machine
化身(PS Vita専用ソフト「コープスパーティBLOOD DRIVE」オープニング)
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Anyone Else But You
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i fell on my tablet and harurara happened
ps thank you STUNGUNNED for finding the ref source (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

Yesterday you said something about Karkat being sandwiched between Ferefi and Vriska, and… well, I thought I’d sketch out the three zodiacal water signs having a tryst because you made it sound like such a great idea. Hope this is ok!
Sburban Ronpa!
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